First Month of War, Helping Ukrainian Refugees in Moldova


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The work of Ezra International began in 1995 in Ukraine in direct response to a vision God gave American businessman, Mel Hoelzle. The Jewish people had been free to leave the Soviet Union after its collapse in 1991 but many were held back to a wall of poverty – not having the money to pay for their trips to the Israeli Consul or their foreign passports. Ezra started work in Ukraine, but the work has since expanded to 8 other fSU countries, South America and several countries in Europe.



It costs an average of £275 to help one Jewish person home to Israel. A monthly gift of £23.00 will help one person home over one year. However no gift is too small - or too large!! All your donations help in the process of helping Jewish people home and each one is significant. Thank you for your help.

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I felt like a king
I Felt Like a Real King!

Vasili did not ‘fall’ into Ezra’s hands immediately. Firstly, the Jewish aid organisation Chesed in Odessa received a call from Vasili’s daughter from Israel with a request to help find and evacuate her father from Kherson and help him get to Israel...

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Vadim Sh from Tiraspol
A Small Country is Waiting for Me

The idea of making aliyah has been brewing in my head for a long time, especially since my cousin Vladislav, quite recently, in October 2022, left for the SELA (Village) youth training program and the first acquaintance with the country of Israel, of course, comes through him - my cousin...

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The War Pushed Me Out of My Country
The War Pushed Me Out of My Country

The war pushed me out from my country. This war has changed many things around us and day by day everything around me became worse. In this hard time while there is war around I lost my husband. He had a stroke and nothing could help him stay alive. As I became alone, I felt like completely unprotected...

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