The work of Ezra International began in 1995 in Ukraine in direct response to a vision God gave American businessman, Mel Hoelzle. The Jewish people had been free to leave the Soviet Union after its collapse in 1991 but many were held back to a wall of poverty – not having the money to pay for their trips to the Israeli Consul or their foreign passports.
Ezra started work in Ukraine, but the work has since expanded to 8 other fSU countries, South America and several countries in Europe.


Ezra works in two main strands. The first is Aliyah – the return of the Jewish people to their Biblical and historical homeland. This help is in the form of information (especially in relation to documents needed), financial support and transport to the airport on departure day. Ezra teams are made up of local believers who have answered God’s call to the Gentiles to help bring and carry His people home.  

See, I will beckon to the Gentiles, I will lift up my banner to the peoples; they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders.”
Isaiah 49:22

The second strand is that of bringing awareness to the churches by teaching on Aliyah and Israel, taking groups to Israel.


Many of the people helped by Ezra are living in horrific conditions, mainly due to poverty. Since 2014 Ezra teams have literally rescued hundreds of Jewish people from the war zone in East Ukraine, often at risk to their own lives or freedom.


Making Aliyah can be a complicated and costly process, but we guide each person and family every step of the way.  Our assistance includes:

  • Help in the search for documentary proof of Jewish roots
  • Payment of international passports
  • Payment of transport for Consular visits; transport to railway stations and airports at departure time.  In some countries volunteers help with transport on departure day.
  • Networking with organisations and agencies to help settle them in Israel.
  • Giving moral support to the families in the process.


The ministry of Ezra restores hope to Jewish people in need. Even more, through the process of proving their Jewish heritage in order to make aliyah these people are restored to their ‘Jewishness’. As the Jewish people return to the Land, the prophet Ezekiel (among others) promises that they will also be restored to their God.
Through teaching seminars and speaking in churches Ezra is also helping to restore the Hebraic roots of the faith to the largely, gentile church.

I will accept you as a fragrant incense when I bring you out from the nations and gather you from the countries where you have been scattered.  I will show myself holy among you in the sight of the nations.  Then you will know that I am the Lord, when I bring you into the land of Israel, the land I had sworn with uplifted hand to give to your fathers.” 
Ezekiel 20:41-42


Ezra UK is a small, registered charity in UK. It is made up of people, from a variety of Christian backgrounds, with a commitment to God’s word and to the Jewish people. Ezra has no office and tries to keep its overheads as low as possible. It is totally dependent on donations. Ezra UK is under the umbrella of Aliyah Highways, charity registration 1094773. Ezra has a cooperation with Ezra International, based in the United States – the aliyah projects supported by Ezra UK all come under the overall oversight of Ezra International.

Malcolm Parker, UK Director
Several years after becoming a believer in Jesus Christ, the Lord gifted me with a particular love for His people, the Jews, and for the Land He promised them. This triggered my involvement in praying for Israel, for the Jews and for Aliyah. During the intervening years my wife and I have led groups walking the Land Jesus walked, the Land God bequeathed to Abraham and his descendants in perpetuity. For 25+ years we have led a local prayer group focused on support for believers in Israel, for the Jewish people and for Aliyah. We have also conducted learning events and study sessions on topics relevant to these themes, including Ezra's Aliyah course. Three years ago I became a Board member of Ezra UK and in early 2020 my longstanding support for Ezra's work shifted up a gear with my appointment as Director for Ezra UK.

In my new role I aspire to establish a UK network of Ezra support capabilities, comprised of believers passionate to promote the work of Ezra in their localities and equipped with resources to be successful. If this endeavour resonates with you, please contact us. I would love to hear from you, and explore possibilities with you. Malcolm can be contacted on

Pat Frame, International Projects Director
Pat was first involved in praying and campaigning for the Soviet Jews in the mid 1980s. Since 1991 she has been involved full time in the work of aliyah – helping the Jewish people return to Israel, spending much of that time working on the field. Pat travels regularly to Ezra’s overseas offices. Pat has written a book – Intercession and Aliyah – and she has also written a study course ‘Understanding the Return of the Jewish People to Israel’. This is an 8-week study course, intended for small group study but can also be used individually. Both these items are available in the Resources section. Pat has spoken on subjects relating to aliyah in many countries and is, of course, available to speak also here in UK. She has also been interviewed for radio and TV programmes.

Jim Clint, Israel Aid Coordinator
My name is Jim Clint from Northern Ireland. Since becoming a Christian in November 1991, the Lord has given me a love for the Jewish people. Before coming to faith, I worked on a Kibbutz in the Galilee. From 1993-1999 I again lived in Israel working as a maintenance worker at a large Christian guest house. In the year 2000, I completed a six-month study course at a Bible college in Budapest Hungary. It was during this time that I met Nauszika who would later become my wife, we were married in north-eastern Hungary in September 2001.

After returning to Northern Ireland the Lord blessed us with three children. Together as a family we returned to Hungary in 2013 to play a part in Ezra’s work helping with the Aliyah of Hungarian Jews. We returned to Northern Ireland in 2017 where we now coordinate the Israel Aid programme. This programme ships good quality second-hand clothing and other items from Belfast to Israel to help needy new immigrants. (See Projects). I am also available to speak for Ezra in Ireland.

Ronald McNeill, Chairman of the Board
Jackie Richmond, Company Secretary
Linda Hopley
Malcolm Parker

Aliyah Highways (incorporating Ezra UK) – a company limited by guarantee and registered in England & Wales No 4495365 at 42 Dartnell Close, West Byfleet, Surrey KT14 6PG. Registered Charity No 1094773.

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