By Gary Cristofaro, Director of Development Ezra International

Arriving in IsraelBy Gary Cristofaro, Director of Development Ezra International According to the 2019 Annual Assessment of the Situation and Dynamics of the Jewish People today Israel should prepare for a potential mass wave of immigration to the country amid increased antisemitism.

The report, prepared by the Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI), and presented by the Institute's leaders to the Israeli cabinet, warned of the spread of antisemitism around the world. The leaders said that if not enough is done to strengthen the security of the Jewish communities they could experience "significant harm". The report warned the government that as antisemitic incidents proliferate, "the Israeli government must prepare appropriately for potential immigration, especially from European countries". The report also rehashed earlier data that demonstrates that antisemitism is rising by every metric. The number of antisemitic incidents has risen around the world, including in the United States, where the FBI reported that Jews are the most targeted religion-based group by hate crimes.¹ The Writing is on the Wall Jewish people in these notoriously antisemitic countries can see the writing on the wall. From January through May of 2019, Aliyah is up by 86% from Russia and 49% in all the former Soviet Union countries. Many more Jewish families are home in Israel today thanks to compassionate donors like you. The report cited above confirms what we already know to be true. On the ground in so many countries where Ezra International is currently working, antisemitism is on the rise and financial and political turmoil are the norm. We need your support more than ever. The average cost to rescue one Jewish person from poverty and antisemitism is £300. Just £25 per month over one year can help a Jewish person return to Israel and restore their hope for a better future. Your gift is one of the best defences against antisemitism! May God bless you for caring. ¹ Israel Should Prepare for Another Mass Immigration by Maayon Jaffe-Hoffman. The Jerusalem Post July 1, 2019

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