Daniela S from Sao Paulo

My name is Daniela, I am from São Paulo, Brazil.

Aliyah means a new beginning, with a greater connection to my Jewish roots. I decided on this path to be together with my family, and also with the hope of having a better quality of life, security, and spiritual growth.

It's hard to leave the country thinking about adapting to a different culture... but here we had some problems with anti-Semitism for wearing kippah, and also during work meetings.

Through the recommendation of a friend I met Ezra, who helped me with support to answer questions, and help with the necessary tasks.

Although I was divorced I still had to gather the death certificates from my ex-husband who had lived outside of Brazil. With Ezra’s help I managed to complete all the steps and finish the aliyah process.

I am very thankful to Ezra's sponsors for this beautiful project and great help.

Contact by Mail: PO Box 374, CARLISLE, CA1 9EW
Contact by eMail:info@ezrauk.org