Marilyne C from Montpelier, France

Fulfilment of Zionist DreamMaking aliyah is important to me because it is the fulfilment of a Zionist dream and the return to my land, my heritage and all the roots of my ancestors. Returning has always been in the back of my mind!

My dreams and hopes once in Israel are always the same - working close to the land. I am a wine merchant I would really like to work in a winery and touch the land of Israel every day. It's something very personal that has nothing to do with my family.

About me, no, I have not suffered any discrimination because I have never displayed my Judaism outside, moreover, I have a French name by my father. For my mother it was different since she lived through the deportation in Libya then was a refugee in Algeria. I think that for her it was complicated and certainly that she tried to protect us by hiding our origins.

The difficulty in leaving? It’s the separation from my family – my sister and my mother stay in France.

Ezra's help was mainly material and financial, but there is also Maria's friendly support with nice little touches. Above all, I believe in the idea and the reality of belonging to a community that Ezra gave me in a world where it's every man for himself. Thank you and continue, your help is invaluable materially and is important.

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