Lia K from Tbilisi, Georgia

Proud of My Jewish HeritageMy family already lives in Israel, and I want to reunite with them. I am very proud of my Jewish heritage, and I want to return to my Holy Land. I am young and I think I have many possibilities to realise my dreams in Israel. It’s a top country with challenges and opportunities and I want to try my best. Of course, I will miss my relatives and friends here in Georgia. It’s difficult to be far away from them but I hope I can travel back to visit them sometimes.

I graduated from the Medical University of Georgia and I’m working in a Pharmacy. Step by step I found out that Israel is a top country in the world in medicine and medical technological development and I thought ‘Why don’t I try to have a career there?’ So, these thoughts pushed me to the idea of repatriation. I want to become a successful and experienced medical professional and Israel is the place to achieve that.

Ezra gave the best advice concerning documents and they encouraged me a lot in the aliyah process. I was helped with expenses on my documents – such as notary fees, translation of documents, legalisation of papers etc. If it wasn’t for Ezra’s advice you can have unexpected and unnecessary payments. With Ezra’s help I prepared all my papers on time.

Thank you to all who participated in this process. Thank you to all the sponsors and people who donate their finances.

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